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Better Google SEO Results Before 2018

Better Google SEO Results Before 2018

Google SEO 2018Wondering how you can grow your GOOGLE organic search traffic before this year comes to a close?    We’ve compiled 3 ways to help you achieve that goal before year end.

1. Do a Website Content Audit

Does your website copy convey the message you want your potential clients to know about your business and does it include industry terms?  Website Content/Copy audits are the single best way to expose  issues that are likely harming your SEO performance. The truth is that many websites online are littered with thin, low-quality, and even outdated content.

2. Target Low Hanging Fruits

The more targeted your content is to your potential client the more success you will have generating quality leads to your website.

One of my favorite methods for getting quick SEO wins is to target low-hanging fruits.  What does that mean?

It means that you identify pages on your site that are ranking on the second page of Google. After you identify these pages, you need to make an effort to “beef them up”. That means improving the quality of the page by either adding more words, adding video, adding audio, or improving the overall readability and design of the page.

A combination of all of these elements would produce the best results.

3. Care About Your Websites User/Technical Performance

There is a tendency in the SEO industry for people to overvalue backlinks and undervalue user experience.  We believe that if users cannot navigate thru your website with ease how do you expect the search engines to do so?  Usability plays a large role in this, with the right foundation you can generate a better return from your website.

This time of year can be overwhelming with the holiday, don’t let your momentum die keep the leads coming thru the holidays!  If you need any help implementing any of these steps please give us a call.  We can help you tackle any website SEO project.

You can reach us at 248.528.3600.

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