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9 Steps to Improve Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

9 Steps to Improve Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

TikTok moves very fast, and it can be difficult to keep up with trending content. The best way to make sure your brand stays relevant on TikTok is to develop a marketing strategy. Here 9 steps to help you create a strategy that builds your brand and attracts potential clients: 

1. Understand the Platform & Trends

Spend some time on the app. Play around with the features and look through other business profiles with a similar niche as your business. Look at the top trending videos, hashtags, challenges, audio, and other popular aspects on the discover page. Use TikTok live to engage with you audience and ask what their specific needs or problems are.  

2. Define your Target Audience

While this platform is most popular with teens and younger people, that doesn’t mean if your target audience is older, they aren’t there. Research what type of videos they consume. For example, #momtok is a popular hashtag where typically women in their 20s-30s use to fink parenting tips, fun play tips of children and more. Also do off platform research such as creating a user profile consisting of age, habits, lifestyle, and struggles, etc. 

3. Understand the Competition 

Conduct a competitor analysis. Find out what type of videos your competitors are posting. If you are the first one, take advantage of the moment to become the authority and influencer. Look for missing content about your product and service in your industry that no one is talking about. Take advantage of developing influencer relationships, especial small influencers who tend to have a more loyal audience. 

4. Set Goals for Marketing 

What are you trying to accomplish with these short-term videos? Is it sell, inform, or build your brand? Making sure you have a clear goal helps you create content that not only trends but becomes evergreen. It also helps you determine how to measure your results. If your business goal was to gain more followers and your video content achieved that after posting, you have proof of success. 

5. Create a Content Calendar

Pick a general theme within your industry each week to create videos about but leave the room on your calendar for breaking news. Plan each month and batch your content. Research what is the best time to post by researching when your demographic is on TikTok. You can use social media tools, but they are not needed you can use a spreadsheet to help you get organized and stay consistent. 

6. Create Amazing Content

You don’t need a fancy camera to create a quality video, but make sure your phone camera is clean and you speak clearly enough so you are understandable. Look for free sound bite websites spice your music or sound effects to spice up your video. Don’t be afraid to experiment to discover what your audience is more receptive to. 

7. Engage with other TikTok Users

Collaboration with complementary brands and influencers can help you reach a wider audience. Comment on their videos and tag them in related content you make. This is also a good way to create more client engagement. They also have the opportunity to ask questions or comment about the quality of your products or service. 

8.  Monitor Your Results

TikTok analytics allows you to monitor the results of your videos. Revisit your marketing goals after analyzing your video results. Determine what type videos have the highest engagement. This will help you determine your audience’s behavior and what type of videos you need to promote and create to accomplish your business goals or if you need to try something new to attract a different audience. 

9. Experiment & Have Fun

All these tips may seem exhausting but remember these videos can be fun! Brands that take themselves too seriously often burn out. Even if your product or service is about a serious topic, don’t be afraid to highlight a positive result. Play with different content formats. Build a team to assist you so you are not in charge of making every video. Plus, different personalities and ideas will help keep your content fresh and interesting. 

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