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6 Website Flaws That Will Chase Your Customers to a Competitor

6 Website Flaws That Will Chase Your Customers to a Competitor

Your website is the first impression you make on a user and the last you leave. It will either provide an enjoyable experience or a frustrating one. It has the power to either engage your customers or deter them, inviting them to make an interatction or encouraging them to seek out a competitor instead.

When it’s so easy to lose a customer and yet so complex to keep one until the end, it’s important to remember six factors that matter most in their online buying process:

  1. Neglecting Mobile
  2. Annoying Advertising
  3. Buggy Design
  4. Confused Customer
  5. Frustrating Functionality

As soon as someone lands on your site, the clock is ticking. Every step in their journey will either take them closer to check out or to the exit button.

By paying closer attention to the flow of your website, prioritizing usability for important functions, and testing areas that are proven to impact customers, you’ll start seeing less abandoned shopping carts and more satisfied customers.

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