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6 Innovative Digital Marketing Ideas

6 Innovative Digital Marketing Ideas

Running out of ideas on how to market you company digitally? Here are 6 underrated marketing techniques to start using: 

  1. Voice Search

Test FAQ or your business name by using the voice search feature on your phone to see if you show up in Google. If not, develop a SEO plan with keywords that you can fit in your websites content to make it more voice friendly. 


2. Innovative Ads

Combine different mediums and discover more exciting language when creating Google ads, PPC ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook ads, and email ads. For example, include a video or motion graphic in your email ad. This will help them stand out from the other boring email promotions. 


3. Videos 

Videos are not just for YouTube or TickTok. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn are platforms where videos stand out the most because most post are not fully utilizing video. Create promo, demonstration, and testimonial videos and switch them up amongst your regular post. These also stand out on your website. 


4. Nurture Emotions while Marketing 

How does your product or service make your clients feel? Would your client be satisfied in giving your product or service as a gift? Remind your client how annoying the problem is. Create ads that emphasize the satisfying result your product or service gives and if you have testimonials utilize them as social proof. 


5. Business App 

Apps are good for offline usage. Use an app for a part of your service that need enhancing. For example, furniture apps allow potential buyers to see what the piece of furniture looks like in their homes before they buy it. 


6. Chatbots  

Use chatbots for frequent and simple questions like “where are you located?” and “where do I purchase?”. These save time and let you answer bigger questions clients may have. 


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