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6 Holiday SEO Tips to Boost Traffic to Your Business’s Website 

6 Holiday SEO Tips to Boost Traffic to Your Business’s Website 

According to the National Retail Foundation, studies show that American consumers spend roughly around $988 on gifts for family, friends, and loved ones. Now is the time to make sure your website’s SEO is helping you ranker better and drawing your audience to the pages they need to make their purchases. Here are 6 tips boost your website’s traffic for the holidays:

1. Add Internal Links to Your Holiday Pages 

PageRank is a Google ranking factor. It is important to add links from relevant pages or websites on your website to boost your ranking on SERPs. It is also important to audit your website so that you can fix broken links or redirects. One way to include internal links organically is to include a shopping guide in your company’s blog. You can include links to sales pages and links competitor sites for price comparing. 

2. Discover Seasonal Topics

Search for holiday-specific keywords that you can include in your content for your landing pages. Keywords relevant to a holiday don’t have to include the actual name of the holiday. It can be related to the person whom people are buying for like “for dad” and “for mom.” Think about all the people your target audience may need to buy for and search for keyword those demographics may be interested in. Once you have a good list, include your keywords into headings, body copy, and meta descriptions. 

3. Update Old Seasonal Content

If you are short on time, simply update old landing pages and content. Most of the holidays stay on the same day every year, so you can pre-schedule content updates on your website and social media. Keeping seasonal pages active all year round could also help build authority for those pages which will help rank on Google. When the holiday nears, go through your content, and update new item suggestions, recommendations, and photos with new meta descriptions and alt tags. 

4. Optimize Your Google Business Profile 

This is especially important if you have a brick-and-mortar business. If you haven’t already claimed your Google Business Profile, do so. When consumers type in “______ near me”, you have a higher chance of showing up in Google Maps. Optimize everything and add your holiday hours. Share updates, offers, and events related to your business. They will appear in a carousel near the bottom of your Google Business panel. Use this to share any deals and offers for the upcoming holiday season. Here are more tips for posting straight from Google

5. Use Free Product Listings on Google Shopping 

Google Shopping brings in 1.2 billion monthly searches. If you are an ecommerce business, you will want to have items from your product pages listed here. To show your products in Google Shopping’s organic listings, you will need to have a Google Merchant Center account. This will help bring traffic to your product pages by showing your listing to places like Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Shopping Tab, and Images. 

6. Improve CTRs for Holiday Pages 

Higher click-through-rates means more visitors and more sales. Make sure your holiday images have optimized alt tags and meta descriptions. On you holiday pages optimize your titles with keywords and calls-to-action. Include interactive elements and videos on your landing page to increase viewer retention. Then, utilize Google Ads in combination with your landing pages. Google Ads will give you click data on what title and meta description combinations work best for a particular page.      

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