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5 On-Page SEO Factors for Underperforming Content

5 On-Page SEO Factors for Underperforming Content

To improve search rankings, it is important to focus and optimize on-page SEO for content that is underperforming. Title, meta descriptions, and alt-text of images are a start, but you will eventually need a comprehensive on-page SEO strategy. Analyze your website’s written, visual, video content. Does it provide value for your audience and potential clients? Utilize keyword research to assist in content creation. HTML elements and default code are also important to search engines like Google. Make sure your web title, URL, headers, internal links, and comments are functioning properly. They should all be readable and helpful to finding information that your audience needs. So, to keep track of these elements remember these 5 on-page SEO factors and use them as a checklist:

1. Written Content 

2. Title Tags 

3. Page URL

4. Image Alt Text 

5. Internal & External Links 

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