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26 Effective Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses

26 Effective Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses

Social media can be confusing for businesses. It may be difficult determining how to connect your brand to the audience you want to build and eventually turn into clients. Here are 26 different types of social media posts to help you get started attracting viewers to your business:

1. Company Blog Posts

2. Company Culture/Brand Post 

3. Industry News

4. Curated Content

5. Question Posts

6. Product/Company Videos

7. Customer Reviews & Testimonials

8. Quick Tips & Advice

9. Memes & Gifs

10. Contest Posts

11. Holiday Posts 

12. Photos from Company Events

13. Answer to a Common Question

14. Share Infographics

15. Conversation with an Industry Leader 

16. Links to Free Resources

17. Podcast Episodes

18. New Job Listings

19. Hiring Announcements & New Team Members

20. “On This Day in History” Posts

21. Event Promotion

22. Live Videos

23. Promote Email Sign-Ups

24. Image Scrambles

25. Inspirational Quotes

26. Company Accomplishments

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