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20 Proven Effective Marketing Campaign Ideas

20 Proven Effective Marketing Campaign Ideas

Need help determining a campaign to market your business? Here are 20 types of campaigns you should consider incorporating into your digital marketing strategy: 

  1. Content Campaigns
  2. Contest Campaigns
  3. Email List-Building Campaigns
  4. Holiday Campaigns
  5. User-Generated Content Campaigns
  6. Event Campaigns
  7. Product Launch Campaigns
  8. “Ditch Your Old Product” Campaigns
  9. Brand Awareness Campaigns
  10. Partnership Campaigns
  11. Give-Away Campaigns
  12. Deal/Sale Campaigns
  13. Google Ad Campaigns
  14. Customer Loyalty Campaigns
  15. Referral Program Campaigns
  16. Influencer Campaigns
  17. Thought Leadership Campaigns
  18. FAQ Campaigns
  19. AMA Campaigns
  20. Viral Marketing Campaigns

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