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12 Game-Changing Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

12 Game-Changing Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Whether you are a small business or corporate enterprise it is important for you as a business to understand your unique value position. Define your audience and create user personas to narrow down who to address in your marketing material. Know your keywords and write amazing informative content that your potential client can’t resist to increase web traffic. Here are 12 additional content marketing strategy tips to help you succeed in grabbing audience attention:

  1. Optimize your website’s SEO
  2. Think about your searcher’s intent 
  3. Optimize your website for mobile devices 
  4. Create interesting content (Q&A, in-depth topics related to industry, etc.)
  5. Post photos & videos to Google My Business listing 
  6. Develop a voice & a personality (brand building)
  7. Answer complex questions
  8. Share personal stories & vulnerabilities 
  9. Use short-form videos 
  10. Measure everything (Google Analytics)
  11. Hone your skills (show how you are improving) 
  12. Hire a Professional 

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